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    مُساهمة  ملكة الحب في السبت مارس 27, 2010 1:35 pm

    If the day comes when I die
    and go up in the sky as I'm
    there so far I'll well write
    ur name on every star so u
    look up and see

    the best ones that can ever be
    If you hold 11 flowers
    and look to the mirror
    you will see the most
    beautiful 12 flowers in the word
    Love is Love
    i love my love
    my love is you
    so i love you
    Its raining now
    should u look out
    the windows and try
    to count the numbers
    of rain drops u see
    filling from the sky
    above thats how much
    i'm missing u now
    Hello means:

    H-have u missed me ?
    E-everything is aright ?
    L-like to be with u.
    L-like to see u.
    o- obviously i miss u

    Just wanna say hello to u.
    If in my dreams is the only
    place i can hould u !

    Then i want to sleep forever !!
    Of all the friends i ever met,
    your the one i wont forget,
    and if i die before u do, i'll
    go to heaven and wait for u.
    U r amizing so cute
    so nice so sweet
    u r a great body,
    ***y voice,cute smile
    kissable lips warmest
    touch,shing eyes..

    oops,sorry wrong number
    when the time comes
    4 u 2 give
    your heart 2 someone
    make sure that u
    select someone who will
    never break your heart
    because broken hearts have
    ( No Spareparts

    My eyes >> Miss u
    My Lips >> Kiss u
    My Feeling >> Love u
    My Body >> Need u
    My Heart Just 4 u,
    I will die without u.
    2 Enter my life
    Enter Pin
    Code :


    Welcome to my Heart
    If u found yourself in a dark room..?!
    walls around you are red.!
    and blood comes from everywhere!
    don't be scared.!
    you are in my heart!
    HATE me.
    LEAVE me.
    BREAK me.
    DO any thing but
    please DON'T...

    FORGET ME !!





    Hehe!! Hehe
    Love is not how long
    u've been together
    not how much u've give
    or receive not how many
    times u've helped each other
    its how u value each other.
    Love isn't when u can be
    together and talk about
    anything, it's when u can
    be together and not say a
    word and think it's the best
    conversation you've had..
    Everyone says u can only
    fall in love once, but
    that's not true. Because
    every time i hear your
    voice i fall in love all
    over again.
    Maybe god wants us to
    meet a few wrong peoples
    before meeting the right
    one. So that when we
    finally meet the right
    one, we know how to be
    grateful 4 that gift.
    U can fall from the sky.
    U can fall from a tree,
    but the best way to fall
    is in love with me..
    Of all the friends i ever
    met, your the one i wont
    forget, and if i die before
    u do, i'll go to heaven and
    wait for u.
    Work like u don't need
    money, dance like no one's
    watching u and love like
    you've never been hurt before.
    Don't say u love me unless
    u really mean it, because i
    might do something crazy like,
    believe it.
    If u love me
    Then let me know

    If u don't !!
    Then let me go..
    If U need ADVICE MSG ME
    if U need a FRIEND CALL ME
    if U need HELP E-MAIL ME
    if U need MONEY The number u
    dailed is not in service
    plz don't try again
    When i saw u i was afraid
    to meet u When i meet u i
    was afraid to love u When i
    loved u i was afraid to lose u !
    One day you'll love me as
    i have loved u One day you'll
    cry for me as i have cried
    for you One day you'll need
    me but !! I won't need you !
    When all seas become dry When
    all birds leave the sky When
    all family say good bye My pasion
    to you will never die.
    Take my eyes but let me see you
    Take my mind but let me think
    about you Take my hands but let
    me touch you But if you want to
    take my heart its already 4 u
    Some people come into our live
    and quickly go

    some stay for awhile and

    leave footprints on our hearts.
    Get down !

    and down

    see the darkness

    thats my life without you !
    U can buy gifts but not love.

    U can pretend smile but not happiness.

    U can lie to others but not to urself.

    U can have friends but not as good as Me.
    Love is like a cloud
    Love is like a dream
    Love is one word and everything in between
    Love is a fairytale come
    true because i found
    love when i found u.

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